My Vision for a Renaissance of Wisdom

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The world needs all leaders to make a clear declaration.  A declaration to listen deeper, contextualize more accurately, and contemplate more thoroughly as we tackle the complexities in front of us.

Many leaders do this already, but sadly, in a world increasingly driven by superficial conversation, instant gratification, and absolutes of opinion, this wisdom-driven leadership is fading!

I am embarking on a mission to catalyze a Renaissance of Wisdom.

Over the course of my thirty-year career in corporate consulting and entrepreneurship, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most profound leaders, extraordinary brands, and highly complex projects.

All of my work has a nucleus that is this:  keeping decision-makers “on the right side of the line,” cultivating the discipline of slowing down against a world that is rushing towards factitious deadlines, targets, and algorithms.

So much of what we contemplate requires a way of staying on the right side of the line.  As I unpacked the power of highly structured, visual models as a method for profound thinking and impactful influence, I recognized that this approach equips wisdom-driven leaders to out-think and out-serve the average leaders.  This approach for staying below the line of superficial and reactionary opinions will drive a rigor of thinking that may not be popular but will be profound.

The positive future of the planet will depend more on profound thinking than it will on popular thinking!

We need to move the contemplation line away from the superficial, transactional level and go deeper into more superior, transformational, and even timeless thinking that will prove to be true in all circumstances.

A simple iceberg model will help:

Those of you who know me well will know that it’s a big step for me to own the enormity of this vision and step into a more visible leadership role through speaking, books, media and advisory work.  But I am being pulled in this direction so powerfully that I know this is where I am meant to focus my energy.

I commit to bringing you along the journey with me.

I am committed to reshaping the narrative around leadership by emphasizing a style of leadership that incorporates three key, sage-like qualities:

  • Profound Genius – being able to facilitate the most complex issues through the deeper truths that people intuitively understand.
  • Powerful Calm – the ability to help others feel safe, even when confronted by the biggest challenges.
  • Practical Simplicity – having the capacity to facilitate shared thinking that everyone can buy into and contribute to.

It is my mission to reignite the art of insightful thinking that seems to have dimmed in the face of the obsession with popularity, shortcuts, hacks, tips, and tricks.

I advocate for intentional contemplation and deep consideration before making pivotal decisions. I commit to championing deeper thinking that encourages leaders to slow down.

The world demands that we reshape the leadership narrative. We're in urgent need of profound wisdom rather than popular trends! I'm calling on all purveyors of real wisdom to join me in a renaissance of deeper and more thorough problem solving. We must reclaim the territory lost to superficial thinking and reconnect to profound genius, powerful calm and practical simplicity as we tackle the complexity of a modern world.

My teachings have always focused on instilling intentional pauses – creating space for reflection and in-depth understanding before rushing into decisions. Moving away from hurried choices toward deliberate and well-considered decisions, aligned with worthwhile strategic goals.

This can’t be just a change – I believe it’s a movement. It calls upon us to recalibrate our approaches, prioritize contemplation over hasty decisions, and infuse intentionality into every action. 

Whilst the Models Method will continue to grow and flourish, this personal focus for me to intentionally use my voice to support others to lead more powerfully is taking shape.

I invite you to join this Renaissance of Wisdom – a movement that champions intentional, visionary wisdom-driven leadership for a more intentional, impactful future.

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