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I’ve spent the past two decades working with some of the most extraordinary leaders on complex, critical tasks, projects and ideas. What I have learned is that “doing” is valued more than “thinking” in almost every circumstance; but this never leads to the desired outcome. I work with key decision-makers to keep them “above the line,” showing leaders how to master the art of levels of thinking, understanding deeply how Context leads to Concept and finally Content, moving the line of thinking between these functions to catalyze success under any circumstance.

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Over and over in history, complex issues have been resolved and innovative ideas actualized through deep levels of thinking. Now more than ever before, with technology catapulting us into the future, we are rushing decisions without taking the time necessary to truly understand context leading to concept and finally content.

Today’s leaders are valued for their swift actions.
Today’s leaders are valued for their bite-sized media clips.
Today’s leaders are valued for their fame and visibilty.

Calamity and chaos has ensued. Politically. Economically. Socially.

The answer is very simple.

It has precedence throughout history.

It is the discipline of thinking.

The idea of taking a moment to pause, breathe and be still seems to clash against the ethos of relentless productivity.

There is a reservoir of untapped potential in the practice of pausing – a power in stillness that is often overlooked.

Pausing and keeping the thinking “above the line” of relentless productivity allows leaders to step back from the immediacy of the moment and gain a broader view of the situation. This break provides the space to question assumptions, reevaluate strategies, and explore alternatives. It offers a chance to reconnect with the bigger contextual picture and gain fresh perspective on problems that seem unsolvable within the hustle and bustle of daily operations. It also puts a much greater level of influence in the hands of the person controlling the pause.

The leader’s challenge is to understand where the thinking line is being held at any point in time and to question what level of thinking must they be working through for the greatest success.

Two factors come into play:

The Content/Operational level is tangible, immediate and real. It is seductive. It rewards territorial behaviour. It creates a sense of value through activity. It feels rewarding. Everyone is “doing”. Without real leadership of thinking, anyone will move to this level in the collective.

The Context/Strategic Relevance level is intangible, hard and future paced. It is challenging. It tests higher level thinking, demands higher value focus and requires everyone to align for the greater good rather than individual positioning. It can create a sense of frustration arising from delayed action. It can feel like a waste of time. Everyone is “just thinking”. Context is one of the first levels of thinking that leaves any conversation. Without context, the conversation loses meaning.

The skill of any wise leader is to be able to move The Line, at will, up and down the hierarchy of thinking and bring everyone with you.

This is my promise: I am leading the Renaissance of Wisdom to teach this discipline to leaders across businesses, organizations and government to truly catalyze needed change at this time in our history.

We must Slow. Breathe. Think.

Our fortunes, our humanity, our peace and our future all depend on it.

Wisdom in
Business & Leadership

The power and success of any project, business or strategy will be in direct proportion to the level and quality of thinking of the people involved and the quality of the idea or ideas on which it is built.

Simon unlocks the power of your company genius and works with CEOs to communicate the complex value of their companies to drive predictable growth.


Simon Bowen has spent over two decades as a facilitator, advisor, and consultant to some of the most influential leaders across many complex industries and circumstances. His very clear finding is that thinking is valued less than doing in almost every situation in our modern world. However, Simon has conversely observed that the power and success of any business, project, or organization will be directly proportional to the people’s level and quality of thinking and the quality of the idea or ideas on which it is built.

As such, Simon is leading the renaissance of thinking, creating visual models that unpack a leader and organization’s genius. The Models MethodR revolutionizes how brands and leaders sell, package, and deliver their unique intellectual property.

Simon has demonstrated the efficacy of his Models Method with Fortune 500 companies, heads of Government, the military and private sector in strategic planning, the incubation of innovation, crisis management, and moments of conflict.

Simon consults with a small group of companies 1:1 to create their own genius model, achieve a profound shift in how they sell and convert, create deep alignment and understanding across the business of the value of their genius, and revolutionize the way leaders innovate.

Simon is the most profound and quick thinkers I know when it comes to understanding and communicating to get across what a business does and what impact it has using unique visual models. Our community of WA Leaders member companies have benefitted from Simon’s wisdom over the last 8 years through incredible keynotes and one on one mentoring sessions. So abundantly generous in sharing his insights. He is one of a kind.

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CEO WA Leaders


Consulting & Advisory

Called upon to facilitate, advise and collaborate on complex and critical issues for leaders, businesses and organizations; as a Private Advisor to leaders globally, Simon is bringing key decision-making tables back to clear, potent thinking that results in certain outcomes.

The Models Method

Simon Bowen’s Models Method has been revolutionizing the way brands and leaders sell, package and deliver their unique intellectual property for years. The Models Method continues to unpack genius globally, and remains one of Simon’s most important legacies.

Speaking & Workshops

On stage, as a facilitator or advisor, Simon is a captivating and transformative teacher, showing leaders how to master the art of levels of thinking, understanding deeply how Context leads to Concept and finally Content, moving the line of thinking between these functions to catalyze success under any circumstance. His visual models and clear articulation of his method have made him the go-to sage for some of the most complex, impactful and critical decision rooms globally.


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