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Do you read the news and wonder how the most complex problems will be resolved?

Do you see innovative ideas and wonder
how were they catalyzed and actualized?

Join Simon Bowen on his new show, “The Wisdom Of…” where he talks with the world’s great leaders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs about complex issues, projects and ideas, bringing the Renaissance of Wisdom to your weekly schedule.

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We want YOU to be a part of the excitement! Do you have burning questions about leadership, entrepreneurship or business? Curious about some of the most complex crises and decisions ever made and how they were navigated?
Know of a thought leader or entrepreneur whose journey you’d love us to explore?

We’re inviting you to suggest topics and recommend guests for upcoming episodes in 2024.

Here‘s what others have suggested...

  • Leadership in a Changing World: the evolving role of leadership in the face of technological and social change.
  • The Future of Innovation: the breakthroughs in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Global Challenges and Solutions: solutions to complex global issues like climate change, poverty, and inequality.
  • Ethics in Business: the ethical dilemmas and moral considerations faced by leaders.
  • Artificial Intelligence: the implications of AI on business, society, and ethics.
  • Mental Models for Decision-Making: the cognitive frameworks that great leaders use.
  • Industry Innovators & Visionary CEOs
  • Thought Leaders & Inspirational Figures
  • Scientists & Researchers
  • Tech Pioneers
  • Philosophers & Ethicists
  • Humanitarians, Activists & Advocates
  • Economists & Policy Makers
  • Artists & Creatives
  • Historians
  • Psychologists & Behavioral Scientists
  • Authors & Scholars
  • Futurists


Simon Bowen has spent over two decades working with some of the most influential leaders across many complex industries and circumstances. His very clear finding is quite simply that thinking is valued less than doing in almost every situation in our modern world.

However, Simon has conversely observed that the power and success of any business, project or organization will be in direct proportion to the level and quality of thinking of the people and the quality of the idea or ideas on which it is built. As such, Simon is leading the renaissance of thinking.

A sought-after speaker, facilitator and advisor to global leaders, Simon has demonstrated the efficacy of his line method for over 20 years with Fortune 500 companies, heads of Government, the military and private sector in strategic planning, the incubation of innovation, crisis management, and moments of conflict.

Simon’s book, The Line, is set for release in 2024; and he has limited speaking dates available for global events. His show, The Wisdom Of… is currently booking guests and sponsors for launch.

Simon is the most profound and transformational business thinker and contributor in the entrepreneurial space of this modern era.

Martin Latulippe


“The Wisdom Of...” Show

Simon’s conversations with the world’s great leaders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs about some of the most complex issues, projects and ideas; all available to you in his new show: “The Wisdom Of…”

Consulting & Advisory

Called upon to facilitate, advise and collaborate on complex and critical issues for leaders, businesses and organizations; as a Private Advisor to leaders globally, Simon is bringing key decision-making tables back to clear, potent thinking that results in certain outcomes.

Speaking & Workshops

On stage, as a facilitator or advisor, Simon is a captivating and transformative teacher, showing leaders how to master the art of levels of thinking, understanding deeply how Context leads to Concept and finally Content, moving the line of thinking between these functions to catalyze success under any circumstance. His visual models and clear articulation of his method have made him the go-to sage for some of the most complex, impactful and critical decision rooms globally.

The Models Method

Simon Bowen’s Models Method has been revolutionizing the way brands and leaders sell, package and deliver their unique intellectual property for years. The Models Method continues to unpack genius globally, and remains one of Simon’s most important legacies.

I’ve been blessed to spend the last decade surrounded by some of the biggest business thought leaders in the world … I can say with full confidence that Simon’s brilliance and wisdom puts him in a league of his own.

Jayson Gaignard
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The Wisdom
Of... Show

Please let us know if you have a specific guest you would love to see Simon interview on the Wisdom Of… Show.

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The Wisdom
Of... Show

Please let us know if you have a specific topic you would love to see Simon explore on the Wisdom Of… Show.

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