Codifying Organizational Genius: The Untapped Competitive Advantage

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As leaders, our quest for innovation and breakthroughs often leads us to search for new strategies and technologies relentlessly.

However, in this pursuit, we sometimes overlook the most potent force for transformation that resides within our own organizations…

…the collective or organizational genius. 

Having spent decades working with some of the most insightful leaders and organizations, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of tapping into this collective genius. It’s become clear to me that in a world thirsting for innovation and breakthrough, the truest form of genius emerges not just through the wisdom of the founder or originator but also from the synergy gained from translating that wisdom through the collective power of the entire team.

Organizational genius isn’t simply an aggregation of individual talents.

It may start with the Founder, their philosophy about the value they create, the history they lean on to inform their impact, and the formal and informal expertise they bring to the table.

However, when that “Founder Wisdom” is unpacked through the contextual and conceptual brain’s trust in the organization to create meaningful and valuable consequences for the people it serves, we start to see organizational genius emerge.

In short, organizational genius starts with a “who” and is captured in a “what” (the big idea) and delivered through a “how”—the delivery systems that promise speed, ease, and leverage.

It can be shown in a simple model:

Organizational genius demands depth of thinking.  It may be true that depth of thinking is the only true differentiator in business!

The problem is when this genius, often the catalyst behind significant innovations, remains largely uncodified, elusive, and underutilized. 

The challenge before us is also our greatest opportunity: distilling and structuring an organization’s inherent genius becomes a pioneering approach to unlocking unparalleled creativity and efficiency.

But how?

Recognizing your organization’s genius is the first step toward unleashing its potential. This process goes beyond acknowledging individual talents to understanding the profound, collective capabilities that can drive your organization forward. It’s about realizing that the real power comes from the depth of thinking behind the organization.

Great leaders know that while most companies compete based on their products or services, their innate company genius truly sets a brand apart.

In recognizing this, I evolved The Models Method, which offers a framework for visualizing, capturing, and codifying organizational genius. 

The translation of codified genius into the way you sell and deliver allows you to out-think, out-sell, and out-serve your market.

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